I study at ABES Engineering College which is located in Ghaziabad city of Uttar Pradesh state of India. In this blog, I am going to share the story of my college, telling how Green initiatives have been adopted and implemented across the campus.

Environment Club

Our college has a dedicated club that conducts various environment-awareness programs timely. It is called the ENVIRON CLUB. It conducts various rallies wherein people of the nearby towns and villages are made aware of the current environmental issues and the ways to tackle them. Debates and poetry competitions are organized which focus mainly on sustainable development ideas…

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As a followup of my previous blog for the “MSP Developer Stories” contest organized by Microsoft Student Partner community, exclusively for the region India, this blog is dedicated to the topic Model Training using Machine Learning on Azure Notebooks.

So let’s begin with looking at how we generally train a model using python:

1. Firstly load a dataset. I’m using the most popular dataset that beginners use: Iris Dataset

from sklearn.datasets import load_iris 
iris = load_iris()

2. Then we load the data and the target results we would like…

Hi everyone!!

Recently, Microsoft Student Partner Community launched an exclusive contest for Microsoft Students Partners of India. As per that contest, we are supposed to write a blog on topic Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. So as a part of the “ MSP Developer Stories “ initiative, here is my small contribution to the contest.

I am a newbie at Data Science and Machine Learning thing. I tried to learn Machine Learning an year ago or so, but the things didn’t work out great for me then. This is because I couldn’t find any good resources to learn. …

A lot of Summits and Meet-ups are conducted by Microsoft throughout the world and round the year to promote technology and to increase networking among the diversities.

One such summit takes place in India once a year, exclusively for Microsoft Student Partners. Not all countries are lucky enough to hold such a summit. It happens only in India because India has the largest number of MSPs in the world.

I was selected as Microsoft Student Partner in September 2019, thus I got the chance to attend the MSP India Summit in the year 2020. The summit helped me to increase…

Nandita Gaur


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