Microsoft Student Partner India Summit 2020.

Nandita Gaur
3 min readFeb 11, 2020

A lot of Summits and Meet-ups are conducted by Microsoft throughout the world and round the year to promote technology and to increase networking among the diversities.

One such summit takes place in India once a year, exclusively for Microsoft Student Partners. Not all countries are lucky enough to hold such a summit. It happens only in India because India has the largest number of MSPs in the world.

I was selected as Microsoft Student Partner in September 2019, thus I got the chance to attend the MSP India Summit in the year 2020. The summit helped me to increase my learnings and enhance my knowledge set, make new connections and exploring different technological advancements in the world.

MSP India Summit 2020 differs from previous summits as Mr. Pablo Veramandi, the Global Program Manager of Microsoft Student Partners and Microsoft Imagine Cup visited the MSP summit in India for the first time.

Event details:

Venue: Le Méridien, New Delhi.

Date: 24th January 2020.

Time: 10.00 A.M to 05.30 P.M.

  • I was feeling lost in a big hall, but in a short while, I managed to make some new friends. I occupied the front table in the hall.
  • Welcome and Keynote: Empowering for Impact- Pablo Veramendi Mr. Pablo welcomed us very warmly. He shared his journey to Microsoft with all of us. Different stages of his journey were revolving around the idea of creating an impact in the world. Starting from impacting a few peers, his journey now continues to impact millions of students in around 77 countries in the world.
  • Empowering a Developer Economy- Arkodyuti Saha Mr. Arko made me realize the importance of developers in this world. He told us how important a developer community is, how important the Microsoft Student Partners are in supporting the developer relations in a community. He also pointed out how MSPs can leverage various free learning resources to grow as a developer.
  • Hey, I’m a Microsoft Avenger- Pragati Rai Pragati mam shared her journey to Microsoft with us. She is an android developer and all the android phones have her code. She told us how Microsoft differs from other companies in this world. The mission of Microsoft, i.e. “ To empower each and every organization on this planet to achieve more”, revolves around the idea of empowerment while all other companies have a product-oriented mission. Listening to all other facts about Microsoft made me feel blessed to be associated with such a great organization.
  • DevOps Fundamentals- scaling applications on Cloud- Vivek Sridhar Vivek sir gave a live demo of using Kubernetes to manage the development work. It was an interactive session.
  • Empower them. Empower yourself- Paras Pundir He is also known as The Community Guy. He explained the importance of building a community. He also focussed on the importance to create a personal brand. The way he occupies the stage is really appreciable. His stage presence is very engaging.

In all my experience at Microsoft Student Partner India Summit was very thrilling and knowledge boosting.

Originally published at on February 11, 2020.